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Meals From The Heart


Thank you so much for being interested in preparing a meal for guest families!

Offering a home-cooked meal is one of the most important ways we can provide our guest families with the comfort of home, especially after a long day at the hospital.  Thanks to our Meals from the Heart Program, nightly dinners are prepared by community groups.

Dinner Guidelines and Meal Suggestions

We suggest that your dinner meal consist of a protein, a starch (pasta, bread, rice, or potatoes), a side or salad.  Drinks and desserts are optional but appreciated.  We also suggest that meals be individually plated for food safety purposes, we do provide meal prep containers for your convenience.

Click HERE for Dinner Meal Suggestions.

More Choices. Two Ways to Serve.



Plan and Cook Your Meal From Scratch

Meals from the Heart puts you in control of creating a comforting meal for families.  Your group of up to 6 people creates the menu, buys ingredients, and cooks in our fully equipped kitchen.  Volunteers must pass a COVID-19 screening process, provide proof of vaccination, and agree to our volunteer guidelines.



Enjoy a Cook-Led Experience

Guided Hearts makes it easy for groups of up to 6 people to experience the joy of feeding families. Volunteers make a donation, and our cook plans the menu, buys the ingredients, and leads your group in creating a delicious meal for families.

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